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Re-certifications & Continuing Education

I have my initial C3P or STAR certificate. How do I re-certify?

Once you have your C3P or STAR certification it does not expire. You need 3 hrs. minimum of continuing education within the calendar year you recertify. You must submit continuing education by March 31st each year for training done the prior year. You can only recertify for the current year and can no longer submit continuing education for previous years. Once you have taken a course that qualifies, use the applicable link to receive your updated certificate.

For a C3P recertification
For a STAR recertification

What Spectrum courses qualify for my continuing education?

All Spectrum courses that are at least 3 hours in length qualify for the recertification requirement. This includes all courses on this website and these LIHTC compliance courses offered by Spectrum Enterprises:

Introduction to LIHTC Compliance

Keeping in Compliance

Do you accept other companies’ courses as qualifying continuing education?

Yes, but they need to meet certain requirements and be of topics in the LIHTC industry. There is a $50 recertification fee for any non-Spectrum courses, and you must provide proof of continuing education when you place the order.

I previously passed the C3P or STAR test. Do I need to take the test again?

No, but taking the C3P or STAR class beyond your first time qualifies as continuing education, which will bring you to the next C3P or STAR certification level. You will need to submit a recertification form to Spectrum Seminars for this. There will not be a $50 fee for this since you took your continuing education with Spectrum.

Click on the applicable link to request your updated form:


Before & During Our Webinars

What is the webinar format?

Steve presents the webinar by using the printed materials as a guide, and he will be making continuous references to it during his lecture. He tends to move fast, so please be prepared to move back and forth within the materials as he is speaking. You may want to review the materials the day before to become familiar with the layout of the book.

When will I receive my course materials?

Course materials for live webinars are shipped by FedEx within 1-2 weeks of the webinar dates.

When will I see the webinar?

You will not be able to hear or see anything until the seminar is activated by Spectrum Seminars on the first day. The link should open to a GoToWebinar screen.

What happens if I have internet or PC issues?

You should test your link and audio on your PC or other devices ahead of time. It is important that you are logged in for the entirety of the webinar. If you have internet connectivity issues, we can share the pre-recorded video from the online class with you after the webinar.

How do I ask questions?

There is a ‘Questions’ feature in GoToWebinar that allows you to submit questions anonymously during the webinar.


Will I receive a certificate of completion for any Spectrum courses?

NO – Spectrum Seminars no longer issues class participation certificates.

Is there a certificate for the C3P or STAR Certification?

YES – when you have passed either exam, your certificate will be available in .pdf format in your Litmos account (the website where you will log in to take your exam). Spectrum does NOT email your initial certificate to you, since you have access to it through your Litmos portal. It will be located under your ‘Achievements’ tab when you have passed the exam.

Where do I take the test online?

You will first receive a link to the Litmos website after the seminar; that email will have your username (which should be the email address that you registered for the webinar with) and password. After you have logged in once, this link will take you back to that website

How long do I have to take any online exams?

You have 2 weeks from the end date of the class (ex. if the class is July 13 & 14, you will have until midnight on July 28 to complete the exam) or from the time that you place the order online and payment has been received by Spectrum Seminars.

How many questions are on the exam, and what is the format?

There are 100 multiple-choice and true and false questions on both the C3P and STAR exams, and you have 2 hours to complete either test once you have started it.

What is a passing score?


Can I get an extension of time to take the exam?

Yes, but only in extenuating circumstances. You will need to contact Spectrum Seminars to do this by either calling 207-767-8000 or using the contact form below.

Can I start and stop the exam?

If you pause the exam, the timer DOES NOT stop, so make sure that you have an undivided block of time once you start the exam.

Can I take a re-test if I do not pass the test the first time?

YES, but you must first pay the $50 retest fee:

For the C3P re-test
For the STAR re-test

If paying by credit card, your retest access will be available again in Litmos as soon as we have confirmation of your credit card payment; if paying by check, your access will not be available until Spectrum receives the check.

How many questions are on the re-tests?

50 questions, and once you start a re-test, you will have 90 minutes to complete it.

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